The Mission of MEXTESOL

The Mexican Association of Teachers of English, A. C. is a professional academic association which seeks to develop in its members, as well as in non-members, the highest standards for teaching English to speakers of other languages so that their students can communicate effectively in all the diverse situations in which they may find themselves.


The Mission of the MEXTESOL Journal

Focusing on the circumstances of teaching and learning English in Mexico, the MEXTESOL Journal publishes articles dealing with both practical and theoretical topics of interest to the classroom teacher. Articles and book reviews related to EFL teaching in Mexico and in similar situations throughout the world are accepted for publication. Articles may be written in English or Spanish. Abstracts are to be written in both languages. The Journal is published four times a year in February, May, August, and November.


MEXTESOL Journal Ethics Statement

The MEXTESOL Journal takes pride in following a strict code of ethics.  This refers to the processes of submitting, reviewing, mentoring and editing and it also requires our authors to consider the principles of honesty and integrity.  

When submitting an article, the MJ looks for original work from our authors.  An article should not be submitted to another journal while it is being reviewed for our journal.  All articles are blindly peer reviewed from scholars of our Editorial Board in order to evaluate the status of the article.  Refereed articles have double blind reviewing. Once the article has been reviewed, the Associate Editors and the Style Editor work with the author(s) to finalize the article for publication.

For author(s), the submitted article must complete the following requisites:

1.   The article must be original work, including proper citations and following accepted ethics for research.

2.   Since we do not tolerate any kind of plagiarism, a number of tools such as internet websites or a filter are used to determine if the article includes plagiarism and if any is detected, the article is immediately rejected by the Editors.

3.   Authors are only allowed to submit one article to MJ at a time.  Once an article has gone through the review process, the author may submit another article. 

4.   Any article that involves participants within a research project must be able to prove that all ethical considerations, such as informed consent, have been followed.

5.   Before final formatting of an article, authors must review the most recent version of the article and then sign a letter of consent, signed by all authors indicating that all of them have reviewed and accepted the final version.

For an extended list of ethical issues regarding publishing, we recommend the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE, 


MEXTESOL Governing Board, 2016-2017

Ivonne Velasco Rivera President
Lilia Zulema Gaytán Martínez Vice-President
Zoila Delgado González Treasurer
Ana María Astiazarán Secretary
Luis Jovanni Rodríguez Velázquez Parliamentarian
Luis Alberto González Ethics Committee            






Founded in 1973 Mexican Association of English Teachers, MEXTESOL, A. C.

Fundada en 1973 Asociación Mexicana de Maestros de Inglés, MEXTESOL, A. C.