The Mission of MEXTESOL

The Mexican Association of Teachers of English, A. C. is a professional academic association which seeks to develop in its members, as well as in non-members, the highest standards for teaching English to speakers of other languages so that their students can communicate effectively in all the diverse situations in which they may find themselves.


The Mission of the MEXTESOL Journal

Focusing on the special circumstances of teaching and learning English in Mexico, the MEXTESOL Journal publishes articles dealing with both practical and theoretical topics of interest to the classroom teacher. Articles and book reviews related to EFL teaching in Mexico and in similar situations throughout the world are accepted for publication. Articles may be written in English or Spanish. Abstracts are to be written in both languages. The Journal is published four times a year.


MEXTESOL Governing Board, 2016-2017

Eduardo Arturo Soto Merlan President
Ivonne Velasco Rivera Vice-President
Zoila Delgado González Treasure
Ana María Astiazarán Secretary
Luis Jovanni Rodríguez Velázquez Parliamentarian
Luis Alberto González Ethics Committee            






Founded in 1973 Mexican Association of English Teachers, MEXTESOL, A. C.

Fundada en 1973 Asociación Mexicana de Maestros de Inglés, MEXTESOL, A. C.