MEXTESOL Journal  Manuscript Guidelines 

General Requirements: Articles must be typed and presented in a Word file (.doc), double-spaced with ample margins.

The format of citations and references should conform to the Publication Manual for the American Psychological Association (A.P.A must.) guideline format. A summary of APA can be found at the following site:

The following technical issues should be met:

1. Automatic Word Reference tools must not be used. Citations and references should be done manually.

2. All images/tables/charts/etc. must be ready to print and attractive. Preferably use the table function of Word or insert /jpg or /.png files rather than automatically inserting Excel tables and charts. Feel free to use colors, photos, etc. which make your article more accessible and professional.

3. Articles must be organized into logical sections and subsections which must NOT be numbered. Long quotes are indented and in italics.

Refereed vs. Non-refereed articles: All articles involving qualitative or quantitative research are automatically considered to be refereed articles. Book reviews and classroom tips are non-refereed. All other articles can be considered to be either refereed or non-refereed. A refereed article must be approved by two separate readers. A non-refereed article is read by one reader. Please specify which kind of article you are submitting.

Abstracts:A 250-word abstract in both English and Spanish (if possible) must be submitted, except for book reviews. In non-refereed articles the abstract should summarize the content of the article. In refereed articles it should briefly indicate the objectives, methodology and main findings of the study. Up to five key words should be included in the language in which the article is written.

In-Text Citations:
References within the text should be cited in parentheses using the author's last name, year of publication and page numbers (shown below):

Rodgers (1994) compared performance on two test instruments.
or In a recent study of EFL writing (Rodgers, 1994) ......

or for Direct Quotes:

Rodgers (1994) argued that, "most existing standardized tests do not accurately assess EFL writing performance" (p. 245).


The list of all and only the references cited in the article must appear at the end of the text entitled "References". The information must be complete and accurate. Authors are fully responsible for the accuracy of their references.

Send your manuscript (in Word) together with all of the tables, graphs, and references in an attachment accompanying your electronic message stating whether you would like your article submission to be refereed or non-refereed. Avoid using automatic referencing functions. Include all the necessary contact information: Complete names of authors, institutional afilliations with cities and countries mentioned, as well as email addresses for all authors. Be sure to read our Ethics Statement ( carefully before submitting an article.