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Vol. 42 No. 1, 2018
Published: February, 2018
ISSN: 2395-9908

In Acknowledgement of the Editorship of Martha Lengeling and a View to the Future


Palabras Clave: ***

In 2011 (Volume 35, No. 1), Martha Lengeling assumed the post of Editor-in-Chief of MEXTESOL Journal. Now seven years later, Martha has decided it is time to step down. During her editorship, MEXTESOL Journal has innovated and grown as a publication. When she took over as Editor-in-Chief, the MEXTESOL Journal was just making the transition from being a paper-based journal available primarily to MEXTESOL Association members, to entering the 21st Century as an open-access, online journal that now reaches thousands of people throughout the world. The transition was arduous, but under the professional guidance of Martha Lengeling, we achieved this goal. In 2016, as Editor-in-chief, Martha also guided the journal into becoming indexed in LATINDEX, therefore opening opportunities for publication to many other authors who seek to publish in an indexed journal.

We will miss Martha’s presence both professionally and personally. Josefina C. Santana (Dixie), Ruth Ban, and JoAnn Miller will continue on for a while in their current posts while a search is launched for replacements for these positions. As of February 1, 2018, JoAnn will take on the duties of Editor-in-Chief, Dixie will become the Associate Editor, and Ruth will continue as Book Review Editor. We will soon publish Calls searching for an Associate Editor of Non-Refereed Articles and a Style Editor.